Time to automate your data lineage

Accelerates your digital transformation

Your data quality determines the quality of your work. Controlling your datastream from the source, or Data Lineage, is usually manual labour. The more complex your data structure, the more time and effort Data Lineage requires, which can become extremely costly. It’s time for a modern, automated solution.

Systemation now has a solution:


Manta automatically scans and recognizes all your systems and visualizes your datastreams from the source until the end user. This way you can easily track irregularities and have complete insight into the impact of data migrations or system updates.


  • Saving up to 90 % in time and effort.
  • Compliance to (future) law and regulations.
  • Transparency and control.
  • Business officers get a clear view on data flows.
  • MANTA meets the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards.
  • Risk reduction. MANTA supports production issue impact tracking, impact- and root cause analysis.

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