manta; 100% automated Data lineage

Accelerates your digital transformation

Automate your data lineage

Business today is becoming more and more dependent on data. To be compliant to laws and legislation, it is imperative that our data is 100 % reliable and verifiable. To verify the data we need to have insight into the data flows: Data Lineage. For internal use and, if needed, for audit purposes.

Until recently, data lineage was executed manually. With the exponential growth of volume and complexity in structures and systems, it is merely impossible to manually trace the course of data “end to end”. Leaving room for errors, taking too much time, effort and manpower.

All systems, programs and structures may work fine stand-alone. But to synchronize our organization and prepare processes and systems for the future, we need innovation. We need automation.

Introducing: MANTA

Benelux first automated data lineage system

MANTA is revolutionary system that puts an end to manual detection and root-source analysis. MANTA enables you to have end-to-end insight in your Data streams; proactively detect flaws in the processes. MANTA recognizes 98 % of all Data process programs.  Saving up to 90% in time and effort and optimizes human control in the complexity os systems.

Fully automated end-to-end data lineage by Manta means:
  • Saving up to 90 % in time and effort.
  • Compliance to (future) law and regulations.
  • Transparency and control.
  • Business officers get a clear view on data flows.
  • MANTA meets the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards.
  • Risk reduction. MANTA supports production issue impact tracking, impact- and root cause analysis.

Kickstarting the future of Data driven, human controlled organization.