Drive and scale data culture. Leverage the Alation Data Catalog to easily find the data you need and understand it instantly. Generate trusted insights that guide data-driven decision making and contribute to the data culture in your organization.

Yes, let’s talk about Alation

It sounds like a simple question: how do you connect people that have questions to people that have answers? This question was the start of Alation who’s founders brought together their knowledge about machine learning and crowdsourcing together to help organizations maximize the use of their data. The combination of the two led to the creation of the first modern Data Catalog.


In enterprises everywhere, people face a growing challenge. They ask, How can I find data I can trust and then use it wisely? Alation was created to help such people. Described by customers as “Google-meets-Amazon for enterprise data,” Alation combines machine-learning with crowdsourced wisdom on a human-centric platform purpose-built for data culture.

Why Systemation works with Alation

The Alation Data Catalog empowers people in your organization to find, understand and trust data. People play the lead role in driving a data culture, and use Alation to collaborate and learn as a community.

  • The unique Behavioral Analysis Engine (BAE) uses machine learning to provide insight in how data is used in your organization.

  • Guided navigation through intelligent suggestions improves trust and usability.

  • Streamline analytics with broad and deep connectivity using pre-built connectors and an Open Connector SDK.

  • The human-centered design and consumer grade ease-of-use drives intuitive collaboration between people.

  • Active Data Governance provides a single place to manage policies and workflows.

Regulatory compliance is essential for every enterpise. For this reason, data governance is top-of-mind for leaders everywhere. Yet traditional approaches to governance have failed, and there is a need for a modern, active approach to data governance. Alation democratizes data and guides governance best practices at point of use, so people can access trusted data, with the guidance they need to use it compliantly


  • Improve productivity: increase query discovery speed by 20% – 50%

  • Work better together: Facilitate collaborative analysis seamlessly

  • Use data with confidence: curate business context for easy reference

  • Index all data knowledge: search accross all available data quickly


Active data governance takes a people-first approach, embedding just-in-time signals to guide intelligent, compliant usage. This means people are empowered with access and essential guidelines, rather than rigid, prescriptive procedures. People are also encouraged to contribute their own wisdom to the platform, which improves data literacy for all. Alation is the leading enabler of the modern, people-first approach to data governance, which actively engages the community and drives broader adoption.